Terms of affiliate program CoinAffili.net

General concepts / terms of affiliate program


Webmaster is a registered member of the affiliate program, working on product promotion and involvement of players at the project sites.

Project is a website, owned by CoinAffili.net, offering services in the field of games of chance via the Internet.

Player is a user who has followed the Webmaster's ( partner's) link on one of the projects.

Real Player a user who has made a deposit in one of the projects of the partnership program CoinAffili.net.

Profit from player is the profit from the player received from the user after payment of winnings and deduction of commission.

Conversion is the transformation of site visitors who clicked on the Webmaster's ( partner's) links, to the real players.

Referrals are affiliates, who are registered on the recommendation of another affiliate.

1. Account creation

1.1. Getting Started with CoinAffili.net, each partner must be familiar with the rules of participation set out below and accept the existing conditions of the affiliate program.

1.2. By agreeing to participate in the affiliate program, partner accepts the fact that the existing terms and conditions can be changed without informing the partner.

1.3. Registration is possible if partner provides real contact details for communicating with him.

1.4. Member of the affiliate program must be at least 18 years old.

1.5. Partner can register and use only one account.

1.6. Affiliate program work can be started immediately after registration.

1.7. Responsibility for the safety of the data for login (username, password) rests solely with the partner.

1.8. Affiliate program CoinAffili.net can refuse cooperation with partner without explanation.

1.9. CoinAffili.net Program reserves the right to request information from a partner, with regards to the methods and sources of inviting players.

2. Commission structure and the formula for calculating the profit (operating procedure with a negative balance)

2.1. Partner's profit is always 50 % of the net income from the given player in all projects of CoinAffili.net program.

2.2. When choosing a tariff "classic", the partner's profit is 20% of deposits of the players in all projects of CoinAffili.net.

2.3. Sub-affiliate program offers 5 % of the turnover of the involved partners.

2.4. Affiliate program does not carry out the transfer of the negative balance of the partner to the next month. If a player dealt a given partner casino loss (gain exceeding the deposit), the income of the partner for this period is equal to zero and the new reporting period starts from scratch.

2.5. –°alculation of profit:

Casino Profit = Deposits - withdrawals - balance at the players' accounts - chargebacks.

3. –°learing-off with webmasters (procedure and terms)

3.1. Reporting period CoinAffili.net is 15 days.

3.2. We make payment within 3 working days (1-3 and 15 - 18 respectively).

3.3. The minimum amount of payment is 0.02 BTC.

3.4. If you need to change your payment details, you must make a text request to the manager from an e-mail, which is assigned to your account.

4. Requirements for advertising materials and traffic sources

4.1. Affiliate program CoinAffili.net prohibits participants to use e-mail spam as a means of distributing advertising material and has the right to close the current account of the partner.

4.2. Promotional materials designed to invite players must not contain any insulting or misleading information.

4.3. Specialists of Affiliate Program reserves the right to select the penalty for violation of the above, but often it is closing an account with reset a balance to zero.

5. Responsibility and resolving of disputes

5.1. In the event of disputes, CoinAffili.net experts will take into account all the arguments and explanations of partner and do everything to make decisions were made as objectively as possible. The final decision is not subject to revision.

5.2CoinAffili.net is not responsible for the content or actions of partner sites and webmasters.