• 1.1. Who can work with you?
    CoinAffili.net cooperates with all webmasters who have the desire and passion to earning on online gambling.
  • 1.2. Types of received traffic.
    Absolutely any kind of traffic that complies with the Affiliate Program.
  • 1.3. How can I control your honesty?
    High standards of the license of our projects involve the accuracy and impartiality of the software and the absolute integrity of all projects. We value long-term cooperation with each partner, so we will do everything that you did not have any doubt about the honesty.
  • 1.4. How much money can I make in your affiliate program?
    Earnings depends on your experience, skills and desire to work. The more players / partners you invite, the more significant are our payment to you. There are NO restrictions on earnings. Webmaster's job consuming and laborious process. Through the use of various promotional materials, each partner has the opportunity to conduct experiments on traffic. Our specialists are always ready to help partners, listen to their wishes, help and advice in order to maximize the effectiveness of returns.
  • 1.5. I brought the player on your affiliate program. For how long can I make a profit?
    You can receive money for life, because player is assigned to you forever! As long as the player is making deposited and, consequently, plays a casino, a partner receives the income.
  • 1.6. I want to get paid more often than 2 times a month.
    To solve this problem, you need ask a specialist in our Affiliate Program.
  • 1.7. I want to get a higher percent.
    It all depends on your performance and the number of players. This issue is resolved in private.
  • 1.8. Do you have a referral program?
    Oh sure! You get 5% for each invited webmaster as long as he cooperates with us.
  • 1.9. What promotional materials do you provide?
    To invite new players we provide a variety of banners of any formats and colours, texts, pop-ups and click-unders. Place them on your own website or use as you want. We are constantly expanding range of promotional products, and work on the modernization of the system to attract new players and partners.
  • 1.10.I needed especial promotional materials. Can you help?
    If you need any specially designed materials for your requirements refer to our experts and we will be happy to assist you.
  • 1.11.What are my expenses when working with affiliate program CoinAffili.net
    Exclusively cost of the promotion of the resource or to attract traffic.
  • 1.12.Can I become a partner without its own website?
    Anyone can join an affiliate program CoinAffili.net. To do this, you need to register, choose the promotional materials and dispose of them properly.
  • us about the activities of projects of the affiliate program CoinAffili.net?
    All our projects are upscale online gaming sites. They are one of the leaders of the Bitcoin casino market. We aim to expand the range of our projects, so stay tuned for the appropriate section of our website where you can read more about this topic.
  • 1.14.Is it possible to advertise your projects from several websites?
    Yes, you can promote our projects on any number of resources. To do this you only need to create an appropriate (in your opinion) the promotional material and use it.
  • 1.15.What is a referral program and how does it work? (Sub-Affiliation)
    Referral program is earning for bringing in the new affiliate program Webmaster. You will receive 5% of the earnings of this webmaster during the whole period of his cooperation with us.
  • 2.1. When after registering can I get started?
    You can get to work immediately after registration. The main thing is to tell us the correct contact details to communicate with you.
  • 2.2. I need a second account in the system, what should I do?
    Having a second account is contrary to our rules. This issue is resolved in private and upon presentation of weighty arguments.
  • 2.3. What would happen if I broke the rules?
    CoinAffili.net managers will estimate the type of violation and will arrive at the best solution for the situation.
  • 3.1. What payment methods to affiliate do you offer?
    The reward to partner is payed on his bitcoin wallet.
  • 3.2. How should I work with the statistics in the Affiliate Program? How often is it updated?
    When working with any affiliate program, the statistics analysis plays an important role, so we have designed several kinds of statistics for our partners. Basically, general statistics update is produced every hour. Partner may see the detailed statistics of each player's attached to them at any time, observe its activity and influence it, add comments and suggestions to our experts for displaying and processing statistics.
  • 3.3. What is tracker?
    Tracker is a tool to better monitor the statistics of your ad campaigns on different resources.
  • 3.4. What is a "total profit"?
    This is a general partner's income for all the period of cooperation with the affiliate program. The amount of income in all completed periods.
  • 3.5. How often do I get paid?
    Your profits are available for withdraw, every 5th and 20th.
  • 3.6. Why is my total profit in negativ?
    Your profit is only in negative if the players win some bitcoins or they have a active no deposit bonus.